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to EYELAND —— After the mysterious loss of your only way to leave home, you find yourself confronted with a transformed world. One thing leads to the next as you make your way through this beautiful little adventure.

Have fun, that's all you need to know — but if you'd like a little more context, consider this: sometimes it isn't until you lose something that you realize what it meant to you. 

NOTE: This little adventure takes about an hour to play and does not autosave. You won't lose progress if you lock and unlock your Playdate mid-play, but if you leave the game, you'll have to start over.

Comments, questions, bug reports, etc. — all welcome.
How to sideload to Playdate : HERE


 Pulp Game of the Year
Visual Achievement in a Pulp Game

Best Adventure Game
Technical Achievement in a Pulp Game

the 2022 Playdate Community Awards.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
AuthorRon Lent
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Role Playing
Made withPlaydate
TagsPixel Art, Playdate
Average sessionAbout an hour


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Great game that definitely worth his 2$.

Good graphics ( The rain, some effect impressive). Puzzles at some point are really smart and fun.

At the end, the boat float on the sea and nothing else happen. is it normal ?

Anyway : I will buy your next game for sure !!!

thank you! i'm glad you liked playing it! - and yes, that is the "endless ending" :)

Okay I though it was a bug

THe game was great. However Too bad it doesn't use the crank at all. 


I can translate in French. 

Deleted 48 days ago

This game was such a delight! Thank you very much for creating it!

you're welcome - and thank you


Hi! Very much loved your game, and was wondering if you would like for me to translate it in Italian... my gf would very much appreciate it, and maybe some Italians too! I wrote you a pm on reddit 😊

wow - i'm glad you liked it! thank you for offering to translate! i'll reply on reddit shortly...


I just want my gf to experience it as fully as I did, and if it means helping some other Italian guy/girl, well that's a bonus 😊

P. S. If you go to https://youtu.be/5HOwIVj-T-k @9:15 you'll see even Wulff Den is really impressed by your game, literally "it's one of the best experiences I've had, playing a game, all year". So yeah, you deserve all the attention in the world for this little gem 💎 

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This game is incredible. So polished. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, something else clever happens. I do not understand how all this was achieved in Pulp. This game is a must-play.

[╹‿╹].꜒    Thanks for playing!


Majestic, loved every second of it, just finished it, immersive dialog and interesting choice of puzzles, immersive and heartwarming experience.

The lack of crank feature annoyed me a tiny bit though, I think they were three clear opportunities to incorporate the crank feature, but still fantastic game, thank you

thanks! i'm glad you liked it 


A delight! Loved the writing, the art, the length. Good good stuff.

thank you - happy you liked it!


interessante desing level!


Love it! What a great little game. Interesting characters, weird dialogue, funny, great level design. I’d really love to see more games from you. Can’t wait! Thank you.

thank you so much! i'm glad you liked it


Really lovely little game! Thoroughly enjoyed it 😊

Thank you! glad you liked it!



VERY small change - this version includes a warning about flashing animations. 


This is a Playdate must have.


I played right through in one go. What a fun journey!

i'm glad you liked it!


Hi Ron, still love Eyeland. Have you received your Playdate? You helped me with a few questions a few months back when I was starting off with Pulp and wanted to send you a copy of the game that I'll be uploading soon.


Yes! I'm glad to hear you kept at it and I can't wait to see what you've made! I've had my device for about 4 months now (group 2). 


It’s such a great console! So much fun. Favourite game of season one?

Yeah, I genuinely found Eyeland really inspiring in terms of what could be achieved. I played it again after messaging you and love that now I’ve made something using the same system I understand how you did so much of what you did! Although there is one section I’m still puzzling over-but won’t put spoilers here. 

Can you DM on itch? If so I’ll send you the game 😊

SURE THING! DM me on itch - Fave game season 1: Ratcheteer (and Saturday Edition)

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Have sent it to you! Can’t message through itch it seems. Hope you enjoy it 😊


Absolutely loved it! Every frame is gorgeous, and a great soundtrack. Loved the attention to detail too :) Looking forward to more games from you.

thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed it!  


Absolutely love the game - the best so far on playdate. As others have mentioned, the asthetic, the simple yet beautiful graphics, the music, the excellent use of the small screen (and fact that I don't need mirror to play it) are all awesome. I know there are disclaimers everywhere but it would be nice to be able to save progress. looking forward to a sequel :)

thank you - and thanks for the comments! one of my main aesthetic "rules" was to be CLEAR -- born out of the combination of that tiny non-backlit screen and my "not as good as they used to be" eyes! :D i'm happy that you appreciated it. 


This is a really cute little game. I love the aesthetic. The main character reminds me of Horace from the old ZX Spectrum game series.

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haha yes! I don't know that game, but I looked it up -- totally! 

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First game to sideload onto my Playdate and boy am i ever glad this was the first! Absolutely charmed!! The artwork, music, cheeky dialog, puzzles, storytelling - i had a smile on my face the whole time! You can really feel how much creativity went into this, truly a work of art! Cannot wait to see what else you have in store! Thank you for this one! 

thank you so much for playing ! I'm glad you enjoyed  it - it means a lot to me! 


(1 edit) (+1)

Bug: In the research facility, I entered, spoke to the top robot, spoke to the bottom robot, hit the barrier, top robot said ‘hey’, spoke to him and he said ‘hey’ again.  Now stuck in front of him. Screen still animating but no response to inputs. Sad to have to redo so much as I was really enjoying it up to there!

Edit: Pretty quick to redo when you already know the puzzle answers.  Lovely little game.

I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to play through a second time! :) THANK YOU for the bug report! I was able to recreate it and It'll be fixed for the next version. My guess is it's a rare occurrence that someone is able to rush up to the top bot between the two "heys" - even when i was able to talk to the bot between hey1 and hey2, I was only able to get it to lock about 20% of the time. 

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What a great little game. Just played it and it took me about 50 mins or so. Full of personality with great sound and music. Well worth the price and then some. Looking forward to Ron Lent's next game. 

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! (there is another game coming — this winter-ish)


Loved the game! Some many nice ideas in there. Exactly the kind of game I hoped to find on the playdate.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!


I loved this game. It’s so charming, artful, and clever. It’s easily one of the first games I’d put in front of someone with a Playdate. Thanks for making such a wonderful thing.

Thank You! I'm glad you liked it! 
(◉ ‿ ◉)


thank you so much for creating this beautiful game!! I’m so inspired and in awe. The storytelling, the tiny logic puzzles, it was the perfect play date experience. It’s now my favorite game on my console. With gratitude (and hope to see more of your work in the future!!) - YB 

Thank you! Thanks for playing AND for these great comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I have to say I am in awe…This will go down as one of my GOTY, let alone just on Playdate. Incredible. 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Brilliant game, with absolutely gorgeous art. I can't wait to play whatever you release next!

thank you! i'm glad you liked it!


Hey, this is a beautiful game and I'm wondering if you'd like to include it in a co-op bundle I'm organizing? I sent you more details on the dev forum if you're interested! 

thank you ! - i'll check it out - (vacationing this week / a little off the grid)

No worries! I just realized you use direct payments instead of itch payment collection (correct me if I'm wrong), which actually makes you ineligible for co-op bundles unless you were to switch :(


I thought this was great across the board. Would definitely recommend.

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- t h a n k - y o u - ! -


I've been spreading the word on a few forums too and I hope it generates you some extra sales.

thanks for spreading the word! 


this game is simply amazing, truly! Should be in the next season of shipped games or it will be a shame, EVERYONE PLEASE PLAY THIS! : D


Thank you! Thanks for playing / I'm so glad you liked it! (YES, EVERYONE, PLAY IT NOW! haha)


I just finished this game in one sitting, and really enjoyed it! The entire time I had a smile on my face either from the funny messages, interesting characters, or clever puzzles. This game is clear and polished, and is so far one of my favorite experiences on Playdate. Its full of atmosphere and mystery while also being compact and polished with a nice dose of humor. I can tell a lot of thought went into this project, and am very grateful I got to play it! Excited for the next one for sure. This is a must have on Playdate. As a fellow game designer (escape rooms) this was very inspiring. Thank you for making it! 

Thank you so much! I'm happy that you liked it & that you noticed those little details! — AND thanks for writing this great note, it means a lot to me!


got my playdate a week ago but got around to playing it today, this was the first game I sideloaded; amazing experience! 

Thank you! I'm honored to be the first - and glad you liked it! 

( ° ± ° )


My Playdate arrived a week ago and I've been having a ball with it but I wanted to try something that wasn't included in Season 1 and I came across this little beauty.

This is exactly the kind of game that I want to see on Playdate, and is the reason I bought it. Really like the air of mystery in the game, the puzzles were well thought out and the soundtrack is top notch. Even though I've finished it, I'm pretty sure it's something I will keep coming back to from time to time when I have a bit of time to spare.

On thing - the ending - without spoiling it for anyone, does it just run indefinitely or does something happen? I left it running after your name came up for a few minutes expecting something to happen, not sure it's supposed to? 

To say this is your first game, and written in Pulp at that, I actually feel it's really polished and well thought out. I would love to see more from you - or even add multiple endings so that it would give a reason to replay. Perhaps in a sequel maybe?

Also, the lack of crank use doesn't bother me. There's many games that use it, so it's nice to have a game that plays traditionally, rather than to try to shoehorn a control method in where it doesn't need to be :)

Thank you ScootaKuH for this wonderful comment - much more than a comment! I'm really glad you liked it! 

You said that it's exactly the kind of game you had hoped to see - ME TOO! No joke, adventure genre is my favorite. I hadn't planned on making a game - I was just checking Pulp out and I got obsessed!

THE ENDING - yup, that is the end. It goes out very quietly. ;)

There IS another game in the works - same type of world but bigger, more varied and with more stuff to do... extra skillz and things to pick up along the way. Maybe it's a... PREquel? I'll probably dive into the meat of the project this winter.

AND... the shoehorned crank issue - Exactly. It just never really made sense as the game came together. There is one place (generator room) that would make perfect sense to use it - and that was the plan, but it felt like it was being tacked-on, like that one instance would scream: LOOK, HERE'S THE CRANK PART... so I ditched it. 

Again, thanks so much for this comment, it means a lot to me!


Easily the best indie Playdate title I've played so far. Lovely music, great visuals, and a total inspiration in terms of what's possible with Pulp.

Thanks JEZ!


This game is absolutely fantastic. I would absolutely LOVE to see more from you! If you make another Playdate adventure it's an instabuy for me.


thank you GLORKBOT! I'm glad you like it. 

(there IS something in the works, but it might be awhile - i'm trying to avoid being indoors too much this summer!)


can you add credit payment ? I don’t have PayPal :(


Just came to get this, same situation for me. A regular CC payment option would be great!

Ah - I’ll look in to it! Thanks for the suggestion 

@Stockston / @rumblerumble 

Done! I think that should work - thank you for your interest in the game! i hope you like (also: if you wait a day, a newer version is about to post)

That worked, thank you!

great! and thank YOU!


This game is beautiful! I love it! 

Thank you!


My download is saying it did not include anything when I try to sideload it :( Any ideas?

strange ... i haven't heard anyone else having this problem. so it downloaded fine, but when you tried to load it into the device there was nothing there? did you check the sideload instructions here? i'll also do a little research ..

were you able to get it to work?


I deleted it, downloaded a fresh copy, and tried again, and that worked! Not sure what did the trick but glad to play. 

Enjoying the game so far! :)


oh good, I'm glad it worked - i'm glad you are liking it too! 


For what it's worth: I just noticed you can't find this game by searching for "eyeland" on itch.io, and it's because of the spaces between the letters in the official title.


oh wow -thanks for pointing that out!


That worked! I can find it now. I haven't yet made time to give this game a try, but it's on my short list. The art looks great


thank you! hope you like it!


Really enjoying this game, the aesthetic is unreal! Is there a space anywhere where you’re happy to field questions about development? I’m intrigued about how you essentially made cutscenes - can’t figure it out!

I'm glad you like it! if you'd like to get into a little more detail about the cutscenes we can discuss  in the dev forum (are you registered?) -- the thread for eyeland is here - say hi in the thread and i'll tell you a little bit about how they were done -- thanks for playing.


Oh nice, thank you! Should have some time to do that tomorrow. 


Found a bug. If you ascend the elevator once completing the puzzles and continually tap A, there will be several characters/elevators going up at once.

whoa, that's an odd one!  - nice find, thank you , i'll add it to the list of fixes ... 

i have a question: were you able to continue playing, or did it break at that point?


I like it, but I really need to be able to save please! I started twice before I realized I cannot save progress.


Thank you - i'm glad you like it! - saving will be included in version 2, but it's going to be awhile before i can get back to working on it --- if you are following, it will be announced when i put up the update.

Any idea of when the save feature will come out?

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